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Nursing Home and Assisted Living Administrators

Hello fellow Health Care Professionals, 
As a Preferred and Certified NAB provider for over 25 years, you can trust us with your CEU's.  We serve the entire country and stay current with each state's requirements. We handle posting to the NAB registry. If you value friendliness, reliability, and sometimes humor, please give us a try.  We keep our promises. Genie Herrin, NHA, RN

Minnesota: Under Rule 6400-6850, MN accepts all NAB approved courses. You can order any of our courses because they are all NAB approved.

New Jersey: Justification language for ethics is written on all certificates granting ethics hours. NJ has                                    appproved this method. NHA's report that audits have gone smoothly. 


Ohio has just announced unlimited Distance Learning allowed for July - December 2020.  Ohio accepts all NAB approved courses.


Customers have asked us whether we are open.  Yes, we are Open and ready to handle your CEU requirements.


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Medical Update

Medical Update provides courses for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Administrators. These programs are approved by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrators Boards.

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Falls Update

Falls Update ......................... Note: Will not be renewed - Tests back by 04/15/20

sku Product SKU:  144: On-Line Course 6 Hrs

Course being updated based on new federal regulations ( For Nursing Administrators: Know your high risk residents. Learn what to do to reduce injury, decrease risk of litigation, and tips to eliminate falls. Ethics  No Shipping & Handling Charge

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