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The Impact of Music on Workouts

Published on Monday, February 26, 2018

Emily Holland Health Care

Nursing Home Activity Directors and Nursing Home Administrators who are looking for CEU's from Medical Update or just a new slant on Exercise for residents in LTC facilities will be interested in this article.

 The Wall Street Journal from Feb 26, 2018 lists several impacts of music which would be applicable to what activity directors attempt to do in group activities to stimulate any kind of movement in exercise classes. The findings of a team of researchers who looked at the effect of motivational music on athletic performance did so with research leader, Paul Elvers, Goldsmith's University of London and the University of Harrisburg and the University of Berlin.

The research project studied much younger subjects than those in nursing homes but Activity Directors may want to take these findings into consideration.

"The study showed that the motivational music had a more pronounced effect on men than it did on women, pushing men to take more risks. Studies show that men are more likely than women to take risks when incentives or physicality are involved.

Another factor that boosted risk taking among men and women alike, selecting their own playlists. Since people are more motivationally responsive to stimuli that are associated with pleasure - such as music they enjoy- or danger, this contributed to framing risky choices as potentially rewarding, Dr. Elvers says."

More specific exercises and music appropriate for residents in nursing homes can be found in one of the continuing education courses Medical Update has available for Dementia residents. It would be of interest to Nursing Home Administrators, Assisted Living Managers, or Activity Professionals as CEU's are provided.


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