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Published on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Protect and Serve ice cream - New Activity Idea

Activity Professionals are always looking for new activities and if they can interact with the community with the activity, that's even better. Well, it seems police departments have the same goal as Activity Professionals.

They are taking food trucks around that serve ice cream to improve their image in areas where policemen want to improve their image. what better place to make them look good in the communities eyes than to visit your nursing home or retirement home and serve ice cream out the window of the food truck in front of your facility.

Your Activity Department may want to discuss this with their Nursing Home Administratorsand see if the facility can take it one step further and offer them a place to conduct some of their other community activities in your parking lot or back yard. Your residents would be a willing audience. Slip and slide, dance offs, "coffee with a cop", baseball, and antidrug programs would be fun for them to be a part of. Who knows the anti drug programs may be educational enough to award CEU's or educational credit.

Activity Directors who want to read more about this look up your Wall Street Journal on line from Sat/Sunday Aug 306, 2017 paper. 

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