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Post Millennials and Smart Phones

Published on Friday, August 4, 2017

The Atlantic Monthly's article, "Have smart phones destroyed a generation?" give us some answers.

Post Millennials, are also referred to as Generation Z, and in this article are called Igen as in "I phone generation".   The generation following Millenials (most of whom are now "twenty somethings"_ are going to be more socially inept in person to person meetings than even the Millennials. Their dependence on I phone communication using pictures and emoticons as well as texting and online interactions has made them dependent on being "liked" and texted, less able to interact in person, and also more unhappy.Will they fit into being able to care for the elderly when employees are most needed, will they have the ability to become good employees? From what Medical Update's course, GenMe, taught about managing and retaining Millennials, we had better practice our skills on Millennials so we will have a head start on knowing how to deal with the generation to follow.

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