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Worries Debated in Effort to Boost Career Programs

Published on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, Certification by Michael Hageman

Wall Street Journal  Jan 27-28, 2018

Article on short term training and certification programs speaks to areas which have skills gaps of more than 6 million jobs unfilled in fields like information technology, manufacturing, and health care, according to the Labor Dept. Jobs needing filled don't call for college degrees but do require some technical training and many need only short term training. WSJ  Jan 27-28 2018

As a nursing home administrator or assisted living manager, it is common knowledge the gaps in jobs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is part of an everyday struggle to stay fully staffed. A welcome relief would be more post high school classes in care giving in LTC facilities. Medical Update's CEU course entitled, Turnover, used to learn continuing education units and educate administrators on attracting and retaining employees.

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