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Expecting Less, Jobholders Cheer Up

Published on Friday, September 15, 2017

Lets hope this holds true for future Nursing Home Employees

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 2, 2017 issue

Expecting Less, Jobholders Cheer up

Grading likes and dislikes of jobs

Top five components that employees say matter most in a job

1.People at work

2.Commute to work

3.Interest in work 


5.Physical environment

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Retirement Centers are working hard to determine what Millennial's like in a job so they can attract and keep them. These components are typically Millennial's goals according to the book: Managing Millenials by chip Espinoza and Mick Ukeja and NHA and RN Genie Herrin who has researched the "staying factors" for nursing home employees who are "twenty something."

1.Feeling they are working among friends - matches with #1 people at work

2.More time off for family and activities - matches with a short commute to work #2

3,Their job's importance and how it fits in to the big picture  - matches #3 interest at work

4.Their boss cares about them. Who is friendly but not necessarily a friend.- matches #4 Supervisor 

5.Where they work is pleasant, friendly, they feel they fit in and is also a nice physical space.  - matches #5 physical environment . This is the least match of all and may be hard to make it fit. Nursing homes, assisted living and retirement homes can certainly meet Millennials needs with the top 4.

According to the Wall Street Journal of Sept 2,2017, reports that 51% of employees say they are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their jobs according to the conference Board who surveyed about 1,600 workers across the U.S. on various aspects of their work. Two aspects mentioned by one employee that was most inviting was " free coffee - regular, decaf, and flavored . Also his boss said " I won't let you be in this position for two years. I want you to grow." If this what is impressive to Millennials, let's get on it, administrators. We can compete!

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